Long Arm Services

We offer Longarm Services using a hand guided APQS Millenium Longarm machine. (We can accommodate up to a 14 ft quilt.)  

Backing needs to be 4 " bigger on all four sides.  We prefer not to quilt on sheets for backing.

Do Not layer or baste quilt prior to dropping off.

If quilt comes to us with basting pins there will be a charge to remove.

Please make sure all loose threads are trimmed away.

If you have made a piano key border we ask you stitch 1/4" from edge to prevent spitting at seams when being loaded.

T-Shirt quilts can only be longarmed if the t-shirts have been stabilized prior to pieceing. (No stabilizer is a stretch issue)

We have a variety of Edge to Edge Pantographs to choose from.  We use Glide Thread in our Millenium (that's what she likes the best) and you can choose your colour preference.

We will measure backing and top at time of drop off, so we know that backing provided is acceptable in size.  If quilt does not measure square at time of drop off we will instruct you as to our process .

Fees are as follows:

$ 3.75 per square foot Edge to Edge

Batting can be provided for $ 0.70/square foot

We can piece your backing: $ 10.00

If we need to fix a split seam: $ 5.00/seam

If we feel borders are not square and think that it may require adjustments to enhance outcome, we can fix for a fee but will be discussed ahead of time.

We can do your binding with the following fees:

$1.00 per linear foot machine sewn on one side and you finish by hand on back

$1.50 per linear foot machine sewn on both sides

We trim your quilt after removing from machine as a complimentary service.

We make every effort to have your quilt back to you in a timely manner, but request that you give us a need  by date if we are working on a gift quilt.

We ask that you pick up finished quilt within 2 weeks of us informing you either via phone or email that it is finished.